Our research unit, headed by Pr Karine Clement and Pr Jean-Daniel Zucker, is part of the Cordelier Research Center, a new research platform located in the academic heart of Paris aiming to federate research facilities developed by INSERM (The French National Institute of Health and Medical Research), CNRS (The French National Centre of Scientific Research), Paris V "René Descartes" and Paris VI "Pierre et Marie Curie" universities. Through a combination of genomic, transcriptomic and cellular physiology studies, integrated with clinical research programs, our team aims at characterizing the molecular mechanisms involved in the development of human obesity and its main metabolic and cardiovascular complications. Associated to this we are actively developing bioinformatics research programs including, among others, the integrative analysis of complex networks of molecular interactions which make up cellular environments. Our team is involved in several European networks in which systems biology approaches are applied to understand nutritional related diseases.

Nugenob Diogenes Hepadip